Author: Anita Bose

25 Things About Greg (from Greg)

I was trolling through Facebook and found this post from Greg dated February 2009. Remember when everyone was listing 25 things about themselves? Well, here’s Greg’s list. Cheers. 1) I feel guilty when I spend time on FB; I feel

On the Backstreets of Bethesda

Although we’ll be posting the video of the May 23rd memorial service for Greg soon, I thought I would also share in prose what I said at the event: I will be honest. I don’t know how to fully capture

Small World — Big Circles

My wife and I met Greg only a couple of different times, and then only briefly. We did not know him well, but he impressed us both most favorably. My wife may have a different memory, but what I remember

My first letter to Benjamin

Dear Benjamin, I’ve thought a lot about what I would write in this first letter. I say first, because I intend to write to you in the future (later I’ll tell you about good intentions). Every time I start, I

Memories of Greg from Singapore LAH

Some musing about Greg; My “threatening (turn up wearing this or else)” party invites never failed to amuse Greg. At our 4th July 2010 BBQ party, one of the rules I set was that everyone had to wear red or