Author: Arnold Kahn

Thank you all

I loved my son Greg and knew he was special, but I’ve learned a great deal more from your remembrances. I did not know what went on at Walt Whitman or Rice until I heard your speaking of him at

WWHS with Greg

Dear Benjamin, I met your dad during our freshman year of high school and after that, virtually every one of my high school memories includes your father. He was really special – witty, brilliant, interesting, engaging, knowledgeable, funny, kind, and

Tokyo Metro — without prompting, the kid knows how to ride!

Dear Benjamin, As it’s the eve of the memorial service, I was looking back at some of my correspondence with your father. Greg and I worked together at Verizon in our Arlington office and had offices next to each other.

The Great, Great Greg Kahn

I am unable to make it to the memorial service, and I so regret that; when I heard the news, I walked home, took a soda out of the fridge, sat down, and sobbed. Then I immediately thought of him

Highschool with Greg

It’s hard to overstate how exciting it was when Greg moved into our Bethesda neighborhood. There weren’t a ton of kids in our immediate vicinity, so the arrival of anyone new would have been an event. But Greg wasn’t just