Tokyo Metro — without prompting, the kid knows how to ride!

Dear Benjamin,

As it’s the eve of the memorial service, I was looking back at some of my correspondence with your father. Greg and I worked together at Verizon in our Arlington office and had offices next to each other. He was a wonderful friend, great attorney, and an all-around fantastic person. As two avid sports fans, we spent a great deal of time discussing and debating sports and often did both over daily lunches and while attending local games together. He was ecstatic to share his love of sports with you. Below is an email that he sent me last May after he took you to your first baseball game in Japan. As the title of this message shows, your father was already impressed with your athletic instincts.
. . .

Hi David,

Benjamin and I saw our first live baseball game last night here in Japan–the Hiroshima Carp beat the Tokyo Giants, in case the story did not make ESPN 🙂 — and the photo below came from earlier in the day on the Tokyo Metro. For some reason, something during the game reminded me of the Yankees-Nationals games we attended many moons ago. Those happy memories prompted me to send you this photo and to let you know that I am grooming another fan (albeit a fan of the Tokyo Giants, apparently).Greg and Benjamin on Metro

My best to you and the family.


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